This feature contains all the available reports in the system.  From this screen you can do the following:
  • View the selected report
  • Filter certain selected reports
  • Export the selected report to different formats
  • Print the selected report (automatically generated as a PDF file)


Report Process 

Step 1 Select the report to viewand print.
  1. To print the report click the large print button. This will generate the report in a PDF format from which it can be printed.
  2. Click open when promtped with the following window:

  3. reportspdf

  4. The user can also click Save and select a location to save the PDF report.
Step 3

To export the report the user must first select the format from the drop down menu as shown:


Step 4
  1. After selecting the desired format click the large Export button. The following window will load:


  2. The user can Save the report or Open it immediatly.
Step 5

Some reports allow the user to filter records for for specific reporting. This is helpful on large reports with a lot of records. When this is possible the following windowwill load at the bottom of the Reports Screen:


In this example the selected report will only return records where the Institution field is an exact match for CH Chemeketa AND the Curriculum Year field exactly matches 2009-10.

The user has several options at this point:

  1. Click edit to Edit the filter and the following window will load with helpful instructions:

  2. reportsfilteredit
  3. Clickdeleteto Remove the filter. The system will prompt the user to confirm this choice.
  4. Clickaddrecord2to Add a Filter and a similar window will load:

  5. reportsfilteradd
  6. The usercan select the filtering criteria they wish to use.
  7. Click Ok to add the filter, or cancel to exit the window without adding a filter.
    [NOTE: When the Report is printed or exported any filters present will always be applied.]