New Program Application

This screen shows a Program Application form once it's NOA has been Approved.


Save & Close This button will save your changes and close the Edit Program screen, returning you to the Program screen.
Save This button will save your changes, while leaving the Edit Program Screen open. It is a good practice to
Cancel This button willclose the Edit Program Screen without saving any changes made since the last time it was saved.
Title This is the specific name given the program on the original NOA. This is what will appear in the college catalog.
Award Select the award a student will receive upon completing theProgram.
CIPFamily Use this dropdown menu to select the 2 digit family (these are actually the 7th and 8th digits in the CIP code) to filter to the best CIP options.
CIP Select the appropriate option that identifies the Classification of Instructional Program.

Select the appropriate seventh digit. This code is used to designate the intended outcome of a course of study in a particular CIP category.

CIP 7 Definitions:

  • I = CTE Associate of Applied Science Degree Award
  • J = CTE Certificate of Completion Award (1 yr or more, less than 2 yr)
  • K = No Formal Award (or College Award)
  • L = CTE Certificate of Completion (Less than one-year) Award
  • N = Apprenticeship (Associate of Applied Science) Award
  • O = Apprenticeship (Certificate of Completion) Award
  • W = EST (Employment Skills Training) Award
  • Z = Career Pathway Certificate of Completion Award
CIP 8 Select the appropriate eighth digit of the Student Major or Program CIP field. For non-LDC programs, it can be used by the colleges to differentiate program options when the first seven digits of the code are identical.For LDC programs, numbers 1 through 6 have been reserved to identify the major area of interest for a particular LDC course of study.
Credits Designate the total credits for the program. [NOTE] In order for credit totalsto populate on the Program screen you must add the courses. See below for instructions.
Business & Industry? Indicate if it is a Business and Industry-based (B&I) program (closed
Career Area Designatethe Career Area that the selected programrelates to.This information was the basis for the LMI worksheet and should remain consistent.
POC Designate the person of contact. The college contact person must have the college’s authorization to apply for a new program, be prepared to answer questions from the field concerning the proposed program, and be able to address issues related to adverse intersegmental impact and detrimental duplication, if they arise. The college contact person listed is who will be listed on the notification sent to the field. The college contact person is the person readers are instructed to contact if there are questions and typically should be the Chief Academic Officer or PTE Dean.
Program Length Designate the length of the program.
Date Implemented

Designate the implementation date. Pay close attention to the time required for the completion of the essential steps/processes:

  • Notice of Application.
  • Adverse intersegmental impact or detrimental duplication.
  • Application process.
  • Review by CCWD-EII staff.
  • Review by the Commissioner of Community Colleges and Workforce Development.
  • Submission to the State Board of Education in concert with their monthly/annual meeting schedule.
  • Authorization by the Office of Degree Authorization (ODA).

These dates and time frames may also be critical to catalog printing and scheduling at your college.

Term Implemented Designate what term the program will be implemented.
Year Implemented Designate the year the program was implemented.

Provide a program summary. The entry for this section should provide an overview of the proposed program. It should include, at a minimum:

  • Learner outcomes (knowledge and skill to be acquired.)
  • Alignment and articulation of these knowledge and skills with secondary and other post secondary educational opportunities.
  • How the program “fits” wi1px a career pathway design.
  • Career opportunities for students as a result of this education.
The description should include information that is identical to the ProgramDescription included in theNOA and reflect the same information included in the college catalog and/or website descriptions. Please limit to approximately 300 words.


Edit Course
  1. Click editto edit an existing course. The following screen will appear:


  2. Input all relevant fields. [NOTE: shaded fields are required.]
  3. If needed click addrecord2Add an Outcome to designate a new Outcome. The following screen will appear:


  4. Click Save to add the Outcome or Cancel to exit the screen without saving.
  5. Click Save and Close to save and return to the the Edit Program screen. Clicking Save will save the record without closing the Edit Course screen. Clicking Cancel will close the Edit Course without saving.
Add a Course
  1. Clickaddrecord2Add A Course and the following screen will open:
  2. ProgramsAddCourse
    [Note: All shaded fields are required.]

  3. Using the Course field down arrow , a menu of all courses currently listed in the Master course list will be shown. Select the appropriate course to add.
  4. Using the Course Use field down arrow, identify how the course is used for the program (i.e., Math Elective, Science Elective, Program Core Course, Program Elective, etc.)
  5. Using the Term field down arrow, select the term the course will be offered in.
  6. If applicable, use the Course Group field down arrow to identify the group the course is a part of. (Courses may be listed separately, but identified as belonging to the same group to indicate only one of the courses is needed to satisfy the credit requirement for that group).
  7. Or Higher is a toggle box. Click inside the box to indicate that a higher level course within the course area may be substituted for course listed.
  8. The Credits awarded for the course will automatically be displayed based on what is indicated in the Master course list.
  9. Default Course is a toggle box. Click inside the box to indicate the preferred course recommended (used for courses within the same Course Group only. Course is assumed to be a default course if left blank.)
  10. Notes is a comment box. May be used for additional information concerning the course, such as “Course must be taken concurrent with Course XYZ."
  11. Select Save to save the course to the program, or Cancel to return to the previous screen without adding a course.
Delete Clickdelete to delete the desired record.
  1. To add an Outcome click the Outcome tab. The following window will open:


  1. Clickedit to edit a record and the following window will open:


  2. Clickdeleteto delete a record.
  3. Clickaddrecord2 to add an outcome. Follow the instructions above.