This screen (see below) displays a grid of current program proposals and offerings.

Program Approval Standards

  • Need: The community college provides clear evidence of the need for the program.
  • Collaboration: The community college utilizes systemic methods for meaningful and ongoing involvement of the appropriate constituencies.
  • Capacity: The community college identifies and had the resources to develop, implement, and sustain
    the program.
  • Design: The community college program leads to student achievement of academic and technical
    knowledge, skills, and related proficiencies.
  • Alignment: The community college program is aligned with appropriate education, Workforce
    development, and economic development clusters.


The community college assures the following:

  • Access: The college and program and cluster will affirmatively provide access, accommodations, flexibility and additional/supplemental services for special populations and protected classes of students.
  • Continuous: The college has assessment, evaluation, feedback, and continuous Improvement processes or systems in place. For the proposed program and Cluster, there will be opportunities for input from and concerning the instructor(s), students, employers, and other partners/stakeholders. Cluster need and labor market information will be periodically re-evaluated and changes will be requested, as needed.
  • Adverse impact and detrimental duplication: The college will follow all current laws, rules, and procedures and has made good faith efforts to avoid or resolve adverse inter-segmental and intra-segmental impact and duplication problems with other relevant program and clusters or institutions.
  • Records, maintenance and curriculum: The college acknowledges that the records concerning the program and cluster title, CIP code, credit hours, etc., maintained by the Department are the official congruence records and it is the college’s responsibility to keep their records aligned with those of the Department. The college will not make changes to the program without informing and/or receiving approval from the Department. 

For instructions on filter functionality see Filter Options.

Sorting Functionality

programs 2 

The user can reorder and sort the grid by moving the column headings:

  1. Click on the column heading to sort by and drag it to the area you would like it to be set.
  2. The user can repeat this process and sort by additional columns. This will order the the records in a hierarchy tree.
  3. The user can reorder the sorting criteria by clicking and dragging the headings to the desired order.


Button Explanation:

New Program Adds a new proposed related program record. [NOTE: This feature will take the user to the new NOA form.The Program will be added onlywhen the process has been followed and the NOA has been approved.]
Edit Opens the Program Amendment Screen allowing changes to be made to the programs Application. For Instructions on making Amendments to the Program Application see .
Delete Deletes the selected Program record.
Copy Copies an existing Program to a new record where it can be modified for
submission as a new Option.
Compare Compares edits made to a program record with the existing record.
View History Allows the user to view and compare the amendment history for a programs application. For instructions on this function see .
Submit Submits the program to CCWD for approval.
Excel Export
Exports the Proposed Program List to an Excel file.

Key Definitions:

Award Lists the Award granted for completing the program.
Career Area Lists the Career Area that the selected programrelates to.
Credits This number displays thetotal credits in theselected program.This number is tabulated from the Courses whichhave been added to the program.

This is the current status of the program in relation to the approval process with CCWD. Currentoptions include:

  • Submitted
  • Approved
  • Denied
  • New- The course is new and needs to be submitted for approval still.
  • Blank (Field Empty)- This means the course has been edited and needs to be submitted.