This screen provides a grid view of the current year’s Proposed Course records.


Button Explanations:

Add Adds a new Course (see instructions below.)
Edit Edits an existing Course.
  1. Select a Course and click Edit to change an existing Course. The following screen will load:

  2. New-Course

  3. Fill out all the information for the new course. [NOTE: Information cannot be saved if shaded fields are not filled in.]
  4. Click Save & Close save and exit, Save to save the work but keep the screen open or Cancel to close the screen without saving.
  5. Add Outcomes by clicking . The following screen will load:

  6. coursesnewoutcome

  7. Enter the new Outcome and click Save or Close.
Delete Select a course and click Delete to erase the record.
Copy Copy an existing Course to a new record where it can be modified slightly to become a new course.
Submit Submits the selected Course for approval.
Excel Export Exports records to an Excel file.
  1. The following screen will load:
  2. noiexcel

  3. Select Open to view the Course, it will load as an Excel document. To save,click Save and select the location to save the file to. If the wrong course was opened, hit Cancel.
  4. Repeat this process for as many Courses as needed.
View History Views History of selected course

For instructions on filter functionality see Filter Options.

Key Definitions:

Course# An alpha-numeric prefix for courses within a certain range.
Activity Code The activity code provides information on the activity category the course is a part of.
Alternate Label Allows for an alternate alpha-numeric prefix to be applied to the course.
[NOTE:] If an Alternate Label is designated it will override the Course # on reports.
Status Displays the current status of the course. Current options include:
  • Submitted
  • Approved
  • Denied
  • New- The course is new and needs to be submitted for approval still.
  • Blank- This means the course has been edited and needs to be submitted.