Course Categories:

The Course Categories screen displays a grid layout of courses grouped by category.


Button Functionality:

  1. Click this button to add courses to the category. The following screen will appear:

  2. addCourses

  3. Check the box next to any course which needs to be added.
  4. Click Save to add the course(s) or Cancel to exit without adding any courses.
Remove Check the box next to any courses that need to be removed, then click the Remove button. This will remove the selected courses from the Selected Category.
Remove All Click this button to remove all the courses from the selectedcategory.
Category Dropdown Menu Use this menu to select the Category to be viewed.
Export Excel Exports records to an Excel spreadsheet.
  1. The following screen will load:
  2. noiexcel

  3. Select Open to view the Course, it will load as an Excel document. Tosave, click Save and select the location to save the file to. If the wrong Course was opened, hit Cancel.
  4. Repeat this process for as many Courses as needed.