Getting Started

The application uses a web portal via a web browser. If the program is not open click on the link below:

CCWD Webforms System

On the web portal screen the user can login as well as view several options available to the public.


Login process and Screen Options:

1. Login:

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This section allows the user to enter the CCWD Program Submission System.


  1. Enter the appropriate user name and password.
  2. If desired check "Remember me next time"  to allow the login information to auto populate the User Name in the future.
  3. Press the Login button.
  4. Upon a successful login the following button will appear:

  5. loggedIn 

  6. Press either Open Webforms to enter the system or Log Out to exit.

2. View Offerings:

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The View Offerings section allows anyone to view the program offerings of an institution. 


  1. Click the View Offerings link for the desired institution.
  2. Using Internet Explorer the following window will load:

  3.  reportspdf

  4. Select Open to view the report, it will load as a PDF document. 

    [NOTE: The user can save the report to their PC by clicking Save and select the location they would like to save the file to.]

  5. If the wrong report was opened hit Cancel.
  6. This process can repeated as much as needed. 

3. Recent Notices of Intent:

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This section displays a list of recent Notices of Intent which have been reviewed by Administration.


  1. Provided is a basic list of the Institution and program name. For More Detail click the red link and the following window will load:

  2. recentnoimoredetails

  3.  There are several options on this page:
    • All the Notices of Intent can be printed by clicking the Print All button. The same prompt as above will appear.
    • To view and print an individual report click the  icon_print  icon and select Open or Save.
    • Use the buttons along the bottom to navigate the pages. Select the amount of records displayed per page using the drop down menu.

4. Public Documents:

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This section displays links to documents containing useful information on dates and course status.


  1. Click on the link of a document to print or view it.
  2. Selecting Open or Save will allow for printing and viewing of the selected document.

5. Oregon Community College Viewbook:

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Use this section to print the Viewbook for either individual career areas or all areas.


  1. Use the drop down menu to select an individual career area or the print all option (default):

  2. printhandbookoptions-png

  3. Make a selection and click the Print button. Again, selecting Open or Save, allows for viewing or printing the Viewbook.
  4. Click the Print Wall Sheets (Legal Size) link to Open or Save legal size wall charts of the Viewbook information.