Data Exports 

This screen allows the user to export data to an Excel spreadsheet template. 


Before clicking the Check Out button read the guidlines provided. Click the drop down button to see the following guidelines in the program itself:
The check out/check in process is very complex and requires a great deal of care in order to insure data integrity. While your data is in the Webforms system, we have a great amount of control over the data through validation. However, when your data is checked out in the Excel Workbook, we have very little control over validation and how the data is treated. For this reason, we have established these guidelines to help colleges protect their data while it is checked out and in their care.
Adding Records
When adding a new record, always add to the bottom of the Worksheet. The order in which records appear in the worksheet, have no affect on how they are saved in the system. Attempting to insert records in between other records can result in data being unintentionally over written.
Editing Records
Program and course information can be edited by typing or by copying and pasting into individual cells. When using the copy/paste method, never select an entire row to copy from or paste into. Only select the cells you wish to copy and then the same number of cells you with to paste into.
Deleting Records
All records are deleted using the same method. The column on the end uses Yes/No to specify that a record should be deleted. By default, "No" is selected for every record when the initial check out occurs. If you wish to delete a record, select "Yes" from the "Delete?" column dropdown. When you check your data back in, any records that have been selected for deletion will be deleted.
Never remove records by deleting a row from a worksheet. Records removed in this manner will not be deleted after checking in your data. This can also cause your check in to fail.
Copying records from one workbook to another.
In some cases you may want to copy information from one colleges data file to another. This can be done by applying the same rules as above for adding and editing records.
Adding Courses
Always add new courses at the bottom of the worksheet directly below the last row of data. Make sure to check that the course number does not already exist as duplicate course numbers are not allowed.
Adding Programs
Always add new Programs to the bottom of the worksheet directly below that last row of data. Programs must be unique by a combination of Program title & Award type. When adding a new Program, make sure that the Program & Award combination does not already exist in the worksheet.
Actions not to do
  • Never cut or delete rows from a worksheet.
  • Never select an entire row for copy. Select only the visible cells in a row that you wish to copy information from.
  • Never insert between existing rows of data.
  • Never insert rows.
  • Never tamper with the hidden columns that exist on each worksheet.
  • Never include information from hidden columns when copying and pasting cells in a row.
  • Never rename the file. The file must be checked in with the same file name as when it was checked out.